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Offender Reentry

Offender reentry is the transition period when an offender is released from incarceration back into the community. During this transition, a Probation Officer is assigned to supervise and monitor the offender. Probation Officers develop a supervision plan for each offender that addresses the client's needs and satisfies the conditions of their release.

Probation Officers play a vital role in making the transition successful by providing resources such as access to treatment centers, employment, related assistance, and education.

In Maine, we have two half way houses, also known as reentry centers. These are Bureau of Prison run facilities that help a recently released inmate acclimate back in to the community. There are frequently not enough beds for all in these facilities, and lengths of stay vary from case to case. 

No matter what the circumstance, the Probation Officers work hard to help these individuals get the treatment they need and to locate resources in their communities to help them change their lives.