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Video--Courage to Change

You will be introduced to 3 central elements in the video:


You are the key ingredient in your success under supervision. The weight of changing your life rests on your shoulders. Only you can decide if change is right for you.

Interactive Journaling

The Big Six Journals are: Values, Substance Abuse, Family, Self Control, Peer and Personality. Grammar and spelling aren’t important when journaling. The focus is on honesty, thoroughness and accuracy of your responses. Journaling is uplifting and an important tool to understanding yourself and your life choices.

Your Relationship with your Probation Officer

The plan you and your Probation Officer develop will contain all the elements you need to insure your future success. Your participation in the development of your plan is crucial. It’s up to you to make your plan work, with your Probation Officer’s guidance.


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